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View Vivian Shine's Full Store Most cases, premium domains were already owned by individuals or companies. Eventually, they are back on the market for resale. They used to have the .com extension as well as be short, catchy, and easy to remember. They can be an acronym or a combination of words or phrases that have a high search volume. They are perceived as being a worthy investment rather than buying an ordinary, low-cost domain. THIS IS AN ONE-TIME OFFER!


11 Big Reasons Why Now…?

  A Top-Level Domain Name (TLD)
The .com extension is the oldest and the most widely used on the market
  The .com Market Scarcity
Premium domain names arisen from the high demand with limited availability
  2-year Aged Domain
First-time registered on Aug, 2018. Old domains may pass reputation, link juice, and previous traffic to a new site
  Short Domain
This domain has only 10 characters. The recommendation is less than 15 characters
Each domain is unique. Each domain thus has a price tag that matches the exclusivity
When you meet sb at a conference or an event, don’t you tend to remember their name rather than their business name?
For a coach, immediately tell people what you do and how you help, rather than
Only two simple words (linda + coach) with a clear meaning. A comprehensible language, readability are marketing assets
  Reputation From “Linda Brand”
A personal domain name is your personal brand. It positions the professional as a niche authority like entrepreneurs do
  It Uses The Popular Keyword “Coach”
This keyword search volume is high in Google search engine. While a keyword-based domain is a ranking factor for Bing
  This Is Not A Blacklisted Domain Name
       Domain clean by Google Safe Browsing
       Domain clean by McAfee
       Domain clean by Sucuri Labs
       Domain clean by ESET
       Domain clean by PhishTank
       Domain clean by Yandex
       Domain clean by Opera

Actually, an average domain (i.e. not a premium one) will save you on registration costs initially. However, due to the .com market scarcity, this option often compels you to either buy low-quality domains or give up to find a suitable .com address. People end up buying domains with hifens, domains with numbers, too long domains, no meaningful domains, low-quality TLDs such as .biz, .info, .ws, .name, and so on. They just forget that a great domain name is crucial for their online presence.

Search Volume for the Keyword “Coach” on USA, UK, AU, and CA

On the other side, a premium domain name is perceived as an asset, which might just speed up your online success. Premium domains can act as an instant online brand. For instance, they may contain exact match words that name a product, service, industry, or geographic location. That’s why Internet and tech companies often invest in premium domain names. It helps them build trust and credibility faster.

What is included in the package?

  Step 1:  Domain transfer service from (costs are included)
  Step 2:  Website installation service
  Step 3:  Up to 5 professionally designed bonuses  
  Step 4:  Service report

The Scope Of The Website Installation Service

Note that the theme customization (unique content creation, layout changes, design changes, upload of personal images, plugin configuration, etc.) is completely out of the scope of this service. It is, rather, the sole responsibility of the website’s owner. Instead, the scope of this service includes at least a 10-step process in the client’s hosting server:

  1. Premium domain will be pointed to the client’s hosting server
  2. FTP account creation
  3. Database creation
  4. Email account creation ([email protected])
  5. WordPress installation
  6. Theme installation (the “coach” theme)
  7. Demo import
  8. Plugins package integration (e.g. online appointment and calendar)
  9. Setting basic configurations (e.g. General Settings and Contact Form)
  10. Run some website tests

We will provide you a reliable set up and running, in order to guarantee you will receive a well-designed website configured exactly like our DEMO site. Click the View Demo button to check it out.

If you don’t have a hosting account yet, think about Hostinger. A web hosting is a company that provides connectivity to the Internet and data center space on a server owned or leased for use by clients. Individuals and organizations can thus make their website accessible via the World Wide Web (i.e. www protocol).

Hostinger is one of the most popular and reliable hosting services on the web. For small to medium websites, a Shared Web Hosting plan is often more than enough. However, if you feel you need more space, speed, and control of your server, a Cloud/VPS plan may be suitable for you. Learn more about Hostinger.



  Premium Website #1: The main website features include:
     WordPress site updated to the latest version (5.5.3)
     Service pages (Online Appointments and Counseling Packages)
     Functional pages (About Me and Success Stories)
     Shop page integrated with filter and categories
     Contact page integrated with Google’s map
     Event pages (Calendar and Gallery)
     Customizable blog pages
     Mobile-responsive theme

Demo: Mobile Website


  Premium Logotype #2: The main logo design features include:
       Output logo format: .png and .webp files
       Professionally designed business logo
       Logo with a transparent and white background

Demo: Business Logotype


  Premium Social Media Covers #3: The main cover templates features include:
       Output cover format: .png and .webp files
       SEO-optimized YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter covers with the same site colors
       Opportunity to insert your professional data (name, phone, email, and your photo)


Demo: Optimized Social Media covers

  Premium Business Card #4: The main card design features include:
       Output card format: .png file
       Professionally designed business card with the same site colors (and no watermark)
       Opportunity to insert your professional data (name, phone, email, slogan, URL, and physical address)

Demo: Personal Card

  Premium Booster Service #5: The main booster service features include:
       Output service format: Some backlinks will be created to boost your site visibility on SERPs
       These links will come from outside domains pointing to specific webpages on your domain
       Opportunity available either in the diamond package or if a Hostinger account is opened via our link


Link building, a timeless strategy to drive traffic: Site Booster Service Service Packages
Note that the services #3, #4 and #5 as well as the bonuses #3, #4 and #5 depend on the selected package

Features Bronze Silver Gold Diamond
Service #1: 1 Premium Domain Transfer (GoDaddy’s account creation, if needed)
Service #2: Website Installation (At least a 10-step process)
Service #3: Premium Cache/Minification Solution + 2 Back Up Systems
Service #4: Ownership Verification/Sitemap + Law Compliance (6 Docs + GDPR Notice)
Service #5: Security Against Hackers (30+ Core Strategies, including SSL installation)
Service #6: Service Report
Bonus #1: 1 Premium Business Website
Bonus #2: 1 Premium Business Logotype
Bonus #3: 3 Premium Social Media Covers
Bonus #4: 1 Premium Business Card
Bonus #5: Site Booster (Notify One Thousand Of Different Sites About Yours)


Bob Beer

What if you can finally start your own online business or even boost an existing one professionally, at very affordable prices?© plus the promotional services offered here is a really easy, cost-effective way to futureproof your business. These services will help you to save a lot of time, effort, and money since they used to be more expensive when sold separately. They are MUST-HAVE services for any website’s owner like small local business, bloggers, etc. They include hacking protection techniques, a site cache solution to speed it up, and a legal business structure to improve the user experience.

Google quarantines around 10,000 suspicious websites every day on a “Google blacklist”. A blacklisted site by anti-virus companies and search engines is publicly warned as containing malware. This warning downgrades reputation, makes the site loses 95% of its organic traffic (on average), which can rapidly affect revenue. Most businesses don’t really know if they’re under attack or even prepared for a cyber attack. Actually, 75% of all online businesses don’t even have a formal security response plan. While 66% of surveyed businesses attacked by hackers weren’t confident they could recover. (Source: Fortune)


Take the opportunity when it comes…

Once your purchase is completed, you will receive a confirmation email along with due instructions. This premium domain service is usually delivery within 120 h or less. Feel free to contact Vivian Shine if you need further information.


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