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  • Laos Authorizes Cryptocurrency Mining and Trading Activities
    Bitcoin News - 38 minutes ago
    Laos has authorized a series of cryptocurrency mining and trading projects in the country, looking for another source of income to supplement the losses caused by the drop in tourism due to COVID-19 related measures. Six companies have been authorized to start cryptocurrency trading and mining operations in the country, according to the office of […]
  • Binance Prepares Changes to Work With Regulators Worldwide
    Bitcoin News - 3 hours ago
    Binance, the leading cryptocurrency exchange, has announced it is preparing changes to be able to work with regulators more closely. Its CEO, Changpeng Zhao, stated the company is ready to apply the needed revisions to transform the exchange into a regulated financial institution in the future. This is Binance’s answer to a series of regulatory […]
  • NFT-based Fixed Lending Protocol Pledge Backed by Stanford Alumni Announces Successful Fundraise
    Bitcoin News - 4 hours ago
    PRESS RELEASE. Pledge Finance is launching a cross-chain decentralized finance ecosystem, purpose-built for the financial sector following a successful private round in which it raised more than $3 million. Hong Kong – Pledge Finance, an algorithm-driven, multi-chain decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem, is announcing the launch of an NFT-powered structured collateralized lending platform targeted at […]
  • Fintech Firm Revolut Pays for Dallas-Based Wework Workspace With Bitcoin
    Bitcoin News - 7 hours ago
    The cryptocurrency-infused financial tech company Revolut has announced it has purchased a Wework office with bitcoin. Revolut detailed that the office space in Dallas, Texas will house 300 employees to prepare for the company’s U.S. expansion. Revolut Pays Bitcoin for Wework Property in Texas On September 16, 2021, Revolut, the fintech firm that offers […]
  • Evolve or die: How smart contracts are shifting the crypto sector’s balance of power News - 9 hours ago
    Smart contract capabilities are rendering old-school megalithic crypto projects obsolete as blockchains evolve beyond just being a medium of exchange. One of the familiar themes seen in previous crypto market cycles is the shifting market caps, popularity and ranking of the top 10 projects that see significant gains during bull phases, only to fade into obscurity during the bear markets. For many of these projects, they follow a recognizable boom-to-bust cycle and never return to their previous glory. During the 2017–2018 bull market and initial coin offering (ICO) boom, which was driven by Ethereum network-based projects, all manner of small smart…


  • Premium Domain Names are Powerful
    The Merkle News - 15 hours ago
    What’s in a name? The amount of care that goes into marketing and branding your company name should also be spent on considering what is the best domain name that you can afford. Often, a premium branded domain is already registered by someone else, especially of the dot com variety. Many companies have spend a serious amount of money to get such names – take the case where was picked up and then sold in 2019 for $30 million in cash! Are domains really that valuable? Yes, when you consider that the right words match the search intent of
  • Five Online Casino Games to Win Real Cash
    The Merkle News - 1 day ago
    Nowadays, it seems like everyone is enjoying online gambling for real money. Thus, with so many people testing their luck on games of chance, those not familiar but wanting to get into this digital pastime are likely wondering – what is the best casino game to win money online? There is no one clear winner, as multiple contenders exist equally strongly vying for the mentioned title. If you are considering getting into this hobby, read on, as we aim to help you successfully kick off your internet betting adventure by answering the following questions below: Can you win real money
  • Evaluating Credit Card Debt Relief Options
    The Merkle News - 2 days ago
    You’re considering debt relief to get you out from under all those lingering credit card balances, but you aren’t sure which kind of relief is best for your situation. After all, there are key factors to consider for each option. Here is what you need to know when evaluating credit card debt relief options. What is Debt Relief? It depends. It could mean changes in your interest rate or payment terms, or it could be a new loan or a reduction in the amount you owe. Ultimately, it means any solution that makes your payments more affordable so that you
  • Crypto Interest-Earning Account – A HODLer’s Best Friend!
    The Merkle News - 2 days ago
    Are you a crypto HODLer who is always anxiously checking the price of the coins you hold? If the volatility of crypto gets on your nerves, know that you are not alone! The fluctuations in the value of crypto like Bitcoin can be really unpredictable and even stress-inducing! On the flip side, not holding any cryptocurrency may give you major FOMO and leave you speculating other investment options like stocks. That said, every investment option comes with its own set of pros and cons that you need to be aware of. But if we told you that you can be
  • The Ongoing Growth Of Online Gambling Looks Promising
    The Merkle News - 2 days ago
    Online gambling has seen a substantial momentum increase due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As people cannot gamble or place bets, online casino play becomes the next best option. Finding the right casino remains crucial, though. Online Gambling Is Booming Thorough research has been conducted to figure out the impact of COVID-19 on online gambling. Primarily regular gamblers flock to online casinos and other platforms. However, the COVID-19 lockdowns have pushed more people to explore online opportunities in this space. Interestingly, men and women gambled less frequently overall, despite the online avenues. Those who want to explore this option can use


  • Binance Coin Price Analysis: BNB retests $420 after resuming the bullish trend
    Cryptopolitan - 1 hour ago
    TL;DR Breakdown Binance Coin price analysis suggests bullishnessBNB/USD continued to retrace over the last 24 hours.BNB finding support at $420 According to our Binance Coin price analysis, the market is likely to rise in the next 24 hours after it retraced from the $400 level to the press time price of $419. The exchange currency established a higher low on the daily chart at $401 compared to yesterday’s figure of $395. As a result, we anticipate that BNB/USD will correct to a higher low in the next 24-hours. The cryptocurrency market is trading in the red, with most cryptocurrencies posting…
  • Filecoin Price Analysis: FIL bears take charge below $86 mark
    Cryptopolitan - 1 hour ago
    TL;DR Breakdown Filecoin price analysis is showing bearishnessFIL/USD declined below $86Filecoin is likely to retrace further to set a higher low. Filecoin price analysis is bearish today as the market has returned below the $86 resistance after setting a slightly higher high. Therefore, we expect FIL/USD to see further downside over the next 24 hours and set another higher low. The cryptocurrency market traded with slight losses over the last 24 hours. Bitcoin saw a decline of 0.52 percent, while Ethereum gained 4.26 percent. Meanwhile, Avalanche (AVAX) is the best performer, with a gain of 21 percent. Filecoin price movement…
  • Algorand Price Analysis: ALGO corrects lower at $1.8 support
    Cryptopolitan - 1 hour ago
    TL;DR Breakdown Algorand price analysis is bearish for today.ALGO/USD saw large volatility again over the past 24 hours.ALGO resists further upside at $2.20. The price of Algorand is bearish for today, as the market was unable to move past the $2.20 mark after a rapid climb during the last hours. As a result, we believe that ALGO/USD will retreat and attempt to test the $1.90 support area again. Over the last 24 hours, the cryptocurrency market has largely been declining. Bitcoin dropped 0.36 percent, while Ethereum went down by 4.2 percent. Avalanche (AVAX) is still the best performer, with an…
  • EOS price analysis: EOS/USD to spike to $5.5 before midnight
    Cryptopolitan - 5 hours ago
    TL;DR Breakdown The Bollinger band is wide on the four-hour price analysis chart.EOS is fluctuating between $4.8549 and $5.0717 in the last 24 hours.RSI and MACD analysis on the 1-Day and 4-Hour price chart suggests that the price will increase further. EOS price analysis: General price overview The daily EOS price analysis chart began off whole the sellers controlled the market causing price surge. The buyers dominated the market for the first 15 minutes sending the prices to the highest of the day. Sellers came into the market and caused resistance at the intraday high of $5.3. This resistance was…
  • Axie Infinity price analysis: AXS/USD targets $68
    Cryptopolitan - 5 hours ago
    TL;DR Breakdown Axie Infinity price analysis is bullish today.AXS/USD rallied to the previous swing high today.The Bollinger band average is located at the $67 mark. Axie Infinity price analysis: General price overview Towards the closure of yesterday’s price analysis chart, AXS traded in bullish momentum. However, this trend was cut short by sellers who had consolidated their strengths when the daily price analysis set in. Sellers made the coin trade negatively for one hour before the bulls gathered enough power to reverse the bearish trend. Buyers came into the market in large numbers causing the price to begin an uptrend…