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  • Price analysis 5/17: BTC, ETH, BNB, ADA, DOGE, XRP, DOT, BCH, LTC, UNI News - 11 minutes ago
    Traders appear disinterested in buying Bitcoin at the current levels, suggesting that further downside could be in store for BTC and altcoins. Bitcoin (BTC) plummeted to an intraday low near $42,000 today, dropping 35% from its all-time high at $64,849.27. Over the weekend the selling intensified as news that Tesla may have sold its Bitcoin holdings made waves, and even after this was proven to be untrue, Bitcoin’s market dominance had still been pulled down to a three-year low below 40%. While this decline in Bitcoin may have scared new investors, stock-to-flow creator PlanB said the performance of the current bull phase is…
  • 'Cash, candy or Bitcoin': Paying minors in 2021 News - 11 minutes ago
    “We want our kids to be able to think independently about money,” said Eddie Yoon. A Bloomberg contributor will be paying his son Bitcoin in exchange for chores above and beyond his usual scope, but he is seemingly unable to decide on the best means of payment.In an opinion piece today, Eddie Yoon said he would pay his seventh grader 0.00055 Bitcoin (BTC) — roughly $23.50 at the time of publication — for the boy helping him with competitive pricing benchmarking for a rental property. Yoon said he gave his son Luke a choice of “cash, candy, or Bitcoin” for…
  • Global Payments and GoCrypto Shape the New Era of Payments
    Bitcoin News - 56 minutes ago
    PRESS RELEASE. 17 May 2021 – The adoption of crypto payments by one of the world’s biggest payment solution providers can mean only one thing. Cryptocurrency payments are now on the verge of going mainstream. GoCrypto, a payment solution that enables merchants to accept cryptocurrencies, was just integrated into one of the latest Global Payments […]
  • Polygon active users grow by 75,000 as DeFi boom continues News - 1 hour ago
    Data from DappRadar shows rapid uptake of Polygon-based decentralized applications. The network now has 93 functioning DApps, up considerably over the past four weeks. Polygon, a leading platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development, has attracted 75,000 new users over the past seven days, highlighting growing demand for layer-two decentralized applications. The data, courtesy of DappRadar, shows that the top 20 Polygon decentralized applications, or DApps, were responsible for the increase. In this case, new users refer to active wallets interacting with Polygon DApps. The influx of new users brought in nearly $1 billion in volume. In the last four weeks,…
  • Bitcoin Dominance Dips to 40%, Top Ten Cryptos Siphon BTC’s Market Supremacy
    Bitcoin News - 1 hour ago
    The crypto economy has dropped significantly in value during the last few days tapping a low of $2.06 trillion on Monday. Additionally, the leading crypto asset bitcoin has seen its market dominance drop to 40% of the crypto economy’s overall valuation. Bitcoin’s dominance index hasn’t been this low since June 2018. Bitcoin Dominance Drops to […]


  • OneCoin Ponzi Scheme Accused of Terrorist Financing
    The Merkle News - 5 hours ago
    Billionaire Crypto Criminal Ruja Ignatova Under Protection of State Sponsor of Terrorism London: A previously unreleased document made available to Plaintiff’s counsel Dr. Jonathan Levy in the lawsuit CCRT v. OneCoin shows that “Cryptoqueen” Ruja Ignatova may be under the protection of a powerful state sponsor of terror in the Middle East. The document authored by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior was delivered to the Dubai Chief of Police by special courier in 2015.  The document warned that Ruja Ignatova’s OneCoin was a front for terrorism financing.  The report authored by Assistant Undersecretary for Criminal Security Affairs Major General Abdul Hamid Abdul Rahim Al-Awadi stated: Ruja
  • Bitcoin Vault inks major deal with ESE to co-produce Gaming & Esports Talent Show in five countries
    The Merkle News - 6 days ago
    POLAND, 11th May 2021 – Bitcoin Vault (BCTV), a crypto currency project that is being operated and managed by the blockchain development company, Electric Vault, has sealed a landmark partnership with ESE Entertainment (ESE), a Europe-based entertainment and technology company focused on gaming and esports, to co-produce and co-distribute a gaming talent show in five countries namely China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and Brazil.  The production deal propels BTCV and ESE’s unified goal to link crypto currency and gaming in one ecosystem. This partnership also powers BTCV coin to expand its presence and services in the global esports and gaming
  • Troy’s revolutionary products and brokerage services to outplay the crypto market
    The Merkle News - 1 week ago
    As developments in the crypto space expand and lead toward massive adoption, decentralized finance remains a critical driver for what we witness today. While Bitcoin (BTC) has gained momentum and Ethereum is addressing its scaling issues, the decentralized and centralized finance industries are starting to outplay each other to drive the growth of Web 3.0. As a reinforcement, rampant DeFi growth has opened multiple avenues for users to transfer, manage and maximize returns on their assets. In recent days, it has rewarded users for participating in the DeFi movement to build fortunes, laying a solid foundation for decentralized financial markets. 
  • New ransomware taskforce report published, how to disrupt ransomware and reduce effects of attacks
    The Merkle News - 2 weeks ago
    The Institute for Security and Technology’s Ransomware Task Force (RTF) (over 60 experts) published an 81-page report presenting 48 recommendations to disrupt the ransomware business and mitigate the effect of such attacks. More on the story here: We have an expert comment from Ilia Kolochenko CEO, Founder and Chief Architect at ImmuniWeb (bio below): “The report provides a wide spectrum of valuable and bright ideas, however, most of them are burdensome and far too expensive from a practical viewpoint. Strong global collaboration to combat cybercrime is probably a utopia, especially amid the rapidly growing political tensions around the globe, unclarity of international
  • My experience 24 hours after the second moderna vaccine
    The Merkle News - 3 weeks ago
    There are lots of reports out about people’s experience with the Moderna and Pfizer Covid 19 vaccine. As a result, in my opinion there’s also a lot of misinformation regarding the latest vaccine efforts. As someone who decided to ignore any internet rumors about the vaccine and actually go and get it, I thought it would be a good idea to write a detailed report of my experience. I received the 2nd moderna shot via CVS on April 22nd, 10:45AM. I sat in the observation area for 15 minutes with a timer that was given to me by the pharmacist.


  • Announcing Sorceress, The Cross-chain Oracle for Polkadot
    ZyCrypto - 9 minutes ago
    May 17th, 2021,  Moscow, Russia — From the Foundation of the Sorceress Project and IOBC, a team of prominent Polkadot developers announces the launch of the Sorceress Protocol, the first multi-chain, parallel oracle protocol and Decentralized Autonomous Organisation (DAO) serving to optimize the Polkadot ecosystem. As an oracle provider, the core functional goal of Sorceress […]
  • High cryptocurrencies demand in the Arab Emirates according to the Holborn Assets survey
    Cryptopolitan - 16 minutes ago
    TL;DR Breakdown • Holborn Assets promotes cryptographic information.• At least 8 out of 10 people in the UAE believe in cryptocurrencies. According to YouGov, a market research firm, the volatile track record causes cryptocurrencies demand in the UAE. Many people in the UAE are attracted to cryptocurrencies and their high level of profit. The cryptocurrencies […]
  • Ethereum Classic Price Prediction: ETC showing signs of surging by 25%
    Cryptopolitan - 37 minutes ago
    TL;DR Breakdown Ethereum classic price prediction shows the crypto coin is eyeing a quick 25 percent surge from its 100 4-hour Simple Moving Average. ETC’s 100 4-hour Simple Moving Average coincides with the $90 price value. Ethereum Classic’s immediate demand region ranging from $86.3 to $97 supports the cryptos bullish narrative. A price downswing towards […]
  • Safcoin, Africa’s ingenious crypto set for massive IEO
    Cryptopolitan - 58 minutes ago
    TL;DR Breakdown Safcoin set for IEO in two international exchanges Disrupting Africa e-commerce with Safcoin Safcoin, Africa’s very own cryptocurrency, is set to go live on P2PB2B crypto exchange and Catex crypto exchange. The token would go live between Wednesday, May 26 – Wednesday, June 2, according to a Press release signed by the firm’s […]
  • Dogecoin Price Prediction: DOGE trading on the green despite the bleeding market, showing signs of hitting new ATH at $1
    Cryptopolitan - 2 hours ago
    TL;DR Breakdown Dogecoin price prediction highlights DOGE’s resilience despite the ongoing bearish leg being felt in the market. Dogecoin is hovering between its demand zone that ranges from $0.49 to $0.53. Dogecoin’s 100 4-hour Simple Moving Average at $0.5 is within its demand zone, adding traction to a potential surge past this level. If Dogecoin […]